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Contractor Agreement

Associate Videographer

Contracted Associate Videographer, Hereby known as 'Contractor'- 

1. Agreement Terms:

Contractor agrees to work for Christina Hart as an independent contractor, providing videography-related services on 07/13/2024.

Details:         Wedding of Paige Harrison & Zachary Dierdorff

Location:     The Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa 

                         5480 Grand Pacific Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008


Date:             Sat, July 13th,  2024


                        Start: TBD

                          End: TBD

                        (8 hours Total) 


Pay Rate:    $800 Flat

2.  Assignment:​  This assignment, as well as any future assignments, is and will be contracted on a case-by-case basis only. Christina Hart is under no obligation to guarantee Contractor any minimum number of contracts or any minimum number of hours. All work performed by Contractor for Christina Hart shall be governed by the covenants of this Agreement.


3.  Independent Contractor:​  Contractor and Christina Hart specifically agree that the Contractor is performing the services as an independent contractor and is not an employee of Christina Hart. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as creating an employer- employee relationship. Contractor further agrees to be responsible for all of his/her own federal and state taxes, withholding, social security, insurance, and all other benefits.


4.  Compensation:​  Contractor shall be paid the amount detailed in this paragraph upon successful transfer of all media to Christina Hart. Contractor will be paid $800.


5.  Delivery of media:​  Contractor agrees to transfer all footage he/she took at the listed event immediately upon completion of the event. Contractor must use his/her own memory cards, and he/she shall make all media available to Christina Hart for download via the internet within one day after completion of the event.   Christina Hart will provide a link for contractor to upload files onto.  As already stated in Paragraph 4, Contractor shall be paid for his/her services only upon successful transfer of all media to Christina Hart.


6.  Copyright & Reproduction Rights:​  Contractor's assignment is work for hire. As such, the copyrights of the media produced by him/her belong to Christina Hart. Contractor agrees not to sell any image taken during the contracted event to any person, company, group, advertising agency, or otherwise, without Christina Hart's express written permission. Christina Hart grants Contractor permission to use the media filmed during the contracted event for Contractor's professional use in the following manner: Print portfolio immediately, online /website (including but not limited to blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) after six (6) months from date of event. Web use must include an accompanying "Filmed for" credit line. Any use that exceeds this limited scope is strictly prohibited.


7.  Exclusivity:​  Contractor understands that he/she represents Christina Hart and not any other business while completing assignments for Christina Hart. While directly working for Christina Hart, Contractor will not advertise his/her own business, and will not solicit work for him/herself. Contractor is not bound by an exclusivity agreement when not working directly for Christina Hart. Contractor shall not “tag” (or otherwise associate with) any works and/or footage of Christina Hart’s client, event guests, event vendors or to the event venue or representatives of the venue.


8.  Confidentiality:​  Contractor understands that all materials, price lists, contracts, financial documents, agreements, and other information or documents that are given to him/her in the scope of his/her assignments, are the exclusive property of Christina Hart, and are privileged, confidential information. Contractor agrees not to reveal this information to anyone, nor to use this information to the detriment of Christina Hart in any way.


9.  Liability:​  Contractor warrants that he/she is liable for any loss or any other financial liability suffered by Christina Hart due to a failure to perform, other than a documented medical emergency or "Act of Nature." Christina Hart is not liable for any loss or damage to Contractor’s equipment or bodily injuries that might be sustained while under any assignment during the time of this contract. Contractor certifies he/she has business liability insurance and malpractice (or its equivalent) in an amount sufficient to cover any foreseeable damages related to his or her performance of this agreement.


10.  Equipment:​  Contractor is responsible for providing all of his/her own equipment with which to complete the assignment (Minimum of 2 Camera Bodies + 1 Drone required). The agreement constitutes the entire agreements between the parties. Any modification of this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. If any provision of this agreement is declared invalid, then the remainder of the agreement will remain in force and effect. Christina Hart may occasionally supplement Contractor’s equipment with rental equipment. If rental equipment given to and in use by Contractor is damaged Contractor accepts all liability to rental equipment.


11.  Cancellation:​  Contractor must notify Christina Hart of cancellation at least sixty (60) days before the date of the Event. If cancellation occurs fewer than sixty (60) days from the Event, the Contractor shall pay Christina Hart the full dollar amount agreed to in exchange for the Contractor’s services, as stated in Section 4  of this contract. Exception shall be taken if the Contractor faces an emergency, such as critical illness or injury. Official proof (note from a doctor) is required if Contractor cancels within 60 days or fewer in advance of the Event. 


Any violation of these terms will result in the return to Christina Hart any compensation paid to the contractor as well as forfeiture to the rights to use ANY footage from the contracted event for ANY purpose.

I understand and agree to the terms stated above and will conduct myself in a professional manner as a member of the photo/ video team during the event to which I have been contracted.

Thanks for submitting!

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