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Portrait Session Prep

Let's capture some personality!


Being in front of the camera can be intimidating for most children.  While the goal is to capture your child in their purest form, the reality is that i'm a stranger holding a camera.  Help me be less of a stranger so they can be more like themselves :)  

List of children being photographed --  Name, Age, Relationship to you 





  1.  Charlie - 4 Years old  (Son)

  2. Elizabeth - 9 Years old (Step Daughter)

Short bio of each child – 


1. Charlie 

Charlie is my little musician.  He's had an ear for music for as long as I can remember and can even articulate certain songs he once heard in a movie!  He dances at any chance he can get and loves playing the air guitar.   He has a spunky side just like any 4 year old boy, but he's also Mr. Charmer and can talk his way out of almost anything!

2. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is my little book worm.  She's been reading books before she can even read, and has an imagination like no other!    She has the ability to make up her own interpretation of anything she sees, and can tell you a whole story about it from start to finish!  Being an older sister we also see the nurturing side of her often.  She makes sure her little brother is always taken care of. 

Thanks for sharing!

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